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Icelandic Kids Version
Free for Kids

A free version of Stretch Break for Kids software has been translated into Icelandic and is available for downloading at

Arthur Saltzman
Para Technologies

Karen Jacobs
Boston University

Gígja Gunnarsdóttir



Keeping children healthy is the goal of an initiative between Para Technologies, Boston University, the Icelandic Occupational Therapy Association, and the Public Health Institute of Iceland. Collaboration from each of these organizations has resulted in a free version of Stretch Break for Kids software, which has been translated into Icelandic.

We are very pleased with the publics' response to the software! On September 27, 2006, the first time for the public downloading of the software, more than 200 students downloaded it onto their computers. Each day, more and more students are incorporating Stretch Break for Kids into their daily routine of using a computer.

Arthur Saltzman at Para Technologies and Karen Jacobs at Boston University, welcome collaboration with organizations/individuals in the translation of Stretch Break for Kids in other languages. Presently, it is in English and Icelandic. Please contact Para Technology at if you are interested in collaborating.

Pictures from
The Public Health Institute of Iceland web site.




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